Business Yoga

Business Yoga Berlin is a Berlin based company, servicing clientele throughout Germany. We offer weekly Business Yoga courses, active breaks for events, seminars and meditation sessions.

We offer global Business Yoga online courses for clients either working from their home office or in companies outside of Berlin.



We bring yoga to where you need it most: the work place. Working in fast paced environments, employees need an antidote to mental and physical burnout, stress, and illness. Yoga exercises, improved breathing techniques, and meditation are all proven antidotes, whose effectiveness increases when done regularly.  Some of the many benefits from training with Businessyoga Berlin are increased productivity, happier and more motivated employees, decreased absenteeism, and improved communication within the work place.

Yoga instructor Barbara Cuesta has developed an easy and effective concept that modifies yoga exercises in such a way that they can be done in the work place, in a conference room, or at a trade fair. All sessions are customized specifically for each office.

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Weekly courses

Our weekly courses contain 10 units of 30-90 minutes. For conference rooms, we offer customized yoga exercises for seated positions (in a chair), standing positions, breathing exercises, and a final period of relaxation. If you have additional space, we can also work on yoga mats and include elements of a more traditional yoga practice. Both alternatives are effective to strengthen and stretch the body, to loosen tight muscles, to prevent ailments and pain, and to reduce stresses on the nervous system.

Active break

You are planning an event, a seminar, a conference, or a workshop and are looking for the perfect highlight to make your event unforgettable? Our active recess will have participants feeling happier and healthier in no time; in just 30-60 minutes, we can improve brain function and motivate better listening, learning, and communication skills. Our activated breaks promote an environment of self-care and of course, they are a lot of fun.


Within our seminars (ranging from 2 to 4 hours), participants learn how to adjust their movement patterns within their working environments, such that they may ease and or prevent back, shoulder, and neck pain. With added breathing exercises, short meditation sessions, and mindfulness exercises they learn how to strengthen and relax the nervous system. An excess of stress on the nervous system may cause hormonal imbalance, poor digestion, sleep disorders, heart disease, and more, so regulating and balancing it is crucial to health and improved performance within the work place.

Our best seller is the STRESS MANAGEMENT SEMINAR: 20 Tools to Strengthen and Calm the Nervous System.

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